Schuberg Philis realises highest customer satisfaction score for 7th time in a row

Amsterdam, October 11 2012 - Schuberg Philis has concluded a significant optimization process in the past year, further increasing the quality of its services. For the seventh year in a row, Schuberg Philis received the highest customer satisfaction score in the Giarte Outsourcing Performance Survey, the annual benchmark of the Dutch IT outsourcing industry.

Schuberg Philis realised a 100% score in this Customer Recommendation Index, a first in the history of the Giarte Outsourcing Performance Survey.This was announced by Giarte to the Dutch CIO community during the Outsourcing Performance Day 2012.

The survey also measures how many customers would recommend their IT outsourcing provider to other organisations. For the third time in a row, Schuberg Philis realised a 100% score in this Customer Recommendation Index, a first in the history of the Giarte Outsourcing Performance Survey. Furthermore, the company has the largest number of ‘superfans’: customers who would recommend their service provider ‘most definitely’ to others. And Schuberg Philis is the only service provider in the Infrastructure Management domain that has no dissatisfied customers at all.

In this year’s edition of the Outsourcing Performance Survey, Giarte states that Schuberg Philis also stands out because of its high score in the area of ‘added value’. And that the distinctive positioning of the company makes it almost incomparable to other service providers. Furthermore, the Schuberg Philis engineers are highly esteemed by their customers.

The increase in the already high customer satisfaction is the result of the intensive focus Schuberg Philis had in 2011 for IT optimisation in the mission critical chains of its customers. Due to increased automation the time to market and efficiency have improved. Business monitoring gives excellent insight in the critical processes in the entire chains of Schuberg Philis’ customers.

Pim Berger, managing director at Schuberg Philis cherishes the high quality and customer satisfaction. “This is the result of our focus on customers’ mission critical applications, our craftsmanship and the way in which we offer scope and freedom to the best engineers.”

Schuberg Philis is sharing more and more of its solutions and knowledge in the open source community, as its engineers feel an increased need to contribute to society. Schuberg Philis has gained a wealth of experience with its focus on maintaining 100% functional availability of mission critical applications for renowned companies. The company will share even more of its expertise in the years to come. In the meantime, Professor Thomas DeLong of Harvard Business School has introduced a Schuberg Philis business case in its Management Practice in the area of Organizational Behavior.

Background photo by  Juha NenonenBackground photo by  Juha Nenonen