If you believe in true craftsmanship and want to have impact, Schuberg Philis could be the right place for you. All our engineers feel it is cool to create überstuff.

We deliver IT that always works, because for our customers downtime is not an option. We always strive to exceed customer expectations and go beyond our own beliefs. All our engineers love working in complex IT environments, as they provide the kind of puzzles that put our skills and creativity to the test.

You will work in a dedicated team, that is fully accountable and responsible for the quality they deliver. Teams at Schuberg Philis have the freedom to do whatever it takes to achieve bold goals. We cherish our culture of openness, freedom and responsibility. We talk about it in the video gallery and write about it on our blog cupfighter.net.

Your time at Schuberg Philis should be worthwhile


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The concept of Schuberg Philis is as simple as it is effective – the people who do the actual work, the experienced engineers, are working on the frontline. We assign each customer with a dedicated team, that does the work from day one when the first proposal is being developed. Our customer teams always comprise all relevant disciplines and specialities. You and your future team mates have the mandate to quickly decide on strategic issues and work together with all partners in the application landscape.

You will not only develop the solutions to critical issues, but also handle the day-to-day monitoring and integral management of the customer’ s application infrastructure. Our teams do not stop until they have total control over the IT-infrastructure and a deep understanding of the business context. As you will experience, this helps to act instantly when issues arise, but also to think ahead of fundamentally new concepts that help grow our customers’ businesses.


Background photo by  Scott ConarroeBackground photo by  Scott Conarroe