Our customers trust us to look after their mission critical application clusters. These applications have a deep impact on their organization and stakeholders. Hence, they seek absolute reliability and transparency in a vendor neutral environment. Whether it is an online banking system, a round-the-clock marketing service or a public self service portal, it should be operational at all times, even when it fails. They require an agile adaptation to evolving market opportunities, selecting and implementing the right new solutions the first time.

Customers of Schuberg Philis are active in various industries, but share similar profiles. Typically, they’re experienced in outsourcing and know the ropes. They know everything about their business and so should we, especially in a time when their IT-environment is becoming ‘cloudy’.

As various applications operate in multiple cloud environments, together with our customers we need to build a secure and auditable layer around the combined private and open clouds. The fact that we are developing software, is an example of how Schuberg Philis adjusts to customer demands. It has been a longstanding wish of our customers to combine different types of clouds.

Building trust
When you decide to outsource your mission critical infrastructure, complete mutual trust is crucial. Especially in the beginning this is not a given. Therefore Schuberg Philis invests heavily in building unusually intimate customer relationships, from day one. To prevent surprises, we offer fixed pricing and complete transparency. At the start, we explore our customer’s infrastructure and business priorities into great detail, as well as the solutions we propose. Once we have reached an agreement, we can be hold accountable at any moment of the day for any process in any detail.

Here are some characteristics of customers that have proven to match well with us:

  • Large to medium-sized organizations;
  • Operating in regulated markets;
  • Complex application landscape, increasingly in the cloud;
  • Seeking optimal mix of control, flexibility and innovation;
  • Strong focus on governance and change/risk management;
  • Selective outsourcing to specialists;
  • Partnering with vendors of critical applications.

Background photo by  Anna HuixBackground photo by  Anna Huix