About the photographer

Jorge Fuembuena

Jorge Fuembuena

Jorge Fuembuena (Zaragoza, 1979) explores the boundaries of the subject and the fragile boundary that separates the individual from another, and investigates the relationship between human and his environment.

He has developed his creative process in Artist Residence Programs such as the Contemporary Art Center in Essaouira ( Marroc), the Upernavik Museum (Greenland) or the Noass Art Proyect in Latvia.

Fuembuena’s work has attracted many accolades. In 2011, he was awarded with Air Fellowship. Kultuuritehas Polymer. Tallinn, OCEMX Mexique D.F. Prize , Art Generations Caja Madrid 2011 and ARCO portrait Photographer or as well as finalist in both the International Festival Emergent. In 2009, he was announced as the Emerging Artist Award in the St.Isabel of Portugal Art Prize.


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