Mission Critical Retail Engineer

For several of our online retail customers we provide highly flexible and scalable e-commerce platforms. This ranges from online shops to hundreds of high volume online marketing campaigns leveraged by our Marketing Platform as a Service. This platform offers a secure self-service capability for our customers and third parties through...

Allround inkoper

We zijn op zoek naar een allround inkoper die voor Schuberg Philis en onze klanten competitieve prijzen en voorwaarden realiseert.


Our engineers operate in dedicated customer and development teams, with a full mandate to take all necessary decisions. We believe that by building these truly empowered multi-talent teams, together we go beyond our best 'to make more awesome'.

We have the desire for each person to flourish. After all, we all benefit when you do the things that satisfy you and make you grow. Helping and developing each other out is one of the core qualities of our culture. 

There are no unnecessary management layers. Office politics are absent; as everyone is free to express their opinion. There are no fixed work hours, and people are encouraged to find the right balance between work and free time. With this freedom comes great responsibility.

Mission Critical Software Engineer (Java)

Schuberg Philis is looking for software engineers with in-depth Java expertise to join the online retail team.

Cross Media Designer

We zijn op zoek naar een veelzijdige ontwerper, die er energie van krijgt om merken on- en off-line tot leven te brengen in tekst en beeld. We noemen het cross media designer, maar misschien vind jij jezelf een visueel ontwerper, grafisch- of multmedia designer. In alle gevallen schakel je moeiteloos tussen grafisch ontwerp, dtp...

Mission Critical Engineer - Who wants to improve the Financial World

Schuberg Philis searches new team members for our online banking customers. For these customers we build, run and develop their end-to-end IT environment which supports their customer and internal processes. As such, we serve over one million customers and manage billions of savings.

Mission Critical Software Engineers - Banking-as-a-Service

Schuberg Philis is looking for mission critical software engineers with C# development and .NET technology expertise for her Banking-as-a-Service customers.


We are always looking for exceptional individuals: highly skilled experts who thrive when taking responsibility. Independently thinking professionals, who excel at working in peer teams. The best part of working at Schuberg Philis is that you are able to keep your promises; both personal as the ones you make as a team to your customers.

We believe in relationships and real dialogue. All colleagues are actively involved in their co-workers lives. You know your strengths and weaknesses as you know the ones of your colleagues.

And with the current state of automation, it is no longer utopian to speak of world-changing possibilities. As an engineer or developer at Schuberg Philis you have a front-row seat all times.

Customer Director - I can't find you!

Hello world. I need your help. Because I can't find you.
Oh and who are you? You are my new colleague. A specific one I have to admit.
I’ll explain what I think you look like but first a quick word about us: Schuberg...

Mission Critical Engineers - Who want to automate our future

Schuberg Philis searches  a new team member for an international online banking customer.


Faster Forwarding our Retail Customers

Schuberg Philis is looking for new team members to help develop and manage the application landscape of our online retail customers.

Mission Critical Engineers

You are somewhere on the path to automating everything, but perhaps could use a few peers who will challenge you to reach the next level.

Eelco Bode
Jeremy Beaumont
Robert Heijne
Hugo Trippaers
Cees WellerDieck
Roeland Kuipers


Once you start working here, it’s up to you where your career at Schuberg Philis will take you. Some of us turn out to be the architects of entire IT-ecosystems or develop cutting-edge code that solves a problem on the horizon, whereas others enjoy planning or SCRUM. 

We don’t work with theoretical personal development plans or education budgets. If you need training, we encourage you to organize it. And we try to help eachother to develop and improve.

If you want to know more about why we exist and what we do, please check out the rest of our website and our numerous videos. You will see that we promise a lot, but only because we have built an organization and culture that can make it happen as well.



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