Cloud Engineer - Azure (SaaS)


We are looking for an experienced Cloud Engineer with the focus on Azure to join our SaaS team. The SaaS team is responsible for delivering top notch services to both our customer teams and their customers, while passing IT audits, and moving legacy infrastructure to public cloud services.As part of this team, you will have a broad set of responsibilities but are also able to see the impact of your work every day throughout Schuberg Philis.

Your focus will be on moving infrastructure towards Azure. This means migrating applications from a Windows/Linux environment towards a serverless time. Making sure we use the new tools that Azure has to offer. Help automate the heck out of our IT landscape using the Azure toolset e.g. Azure Automation Accounts, Function Apps or Power Automate. Which extends the current setup with Intune and AzureAD with the goal to make the workplace self-service.

Current challenges that we are working on:

  • Move on-prem Kubernetes to Azure equivalents
  • Monitoring/log solutions
  • Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Azure Compliance
  • Azure Security

We are expecting you to handle projects independently and in a self-starting manner, closely working with the customer teams to guide them through the technical changes. Besides this, you will also have the opportunity to grow your skills sets and get involved in different assignments within Schuberg Philis.   

You will be the perfect match for this role, if this is you:

  • You are a strong communicator
  • You have good knowledge of Azure toolchain
  • You possess the ability to adopt new technologies fast
  • You have experience with Azure DevOps/ Gitlab
  • You have solid automation skills (Powershell, Python, Chef, Terraform, etc.)
  • You have experience with CI/CD pipelines and Infrastructure as a Code

It will be an advantage if you have experience with Kubernetes or Windows Virtual Desktop.

What does a day at Schuberg Philis look like?

Our organization is designed to match the people we are. And our days can be as varied as the odd, beautiful, unique bouquet of human beings that Schuberg Philis actually is. What doesn’t vary, however, is our belief that IT can be a force for good in the world. We see this happen in our very own lives, day after day, moment by moment.

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We put experts in the lead

A state-of-the-art custom-fit IT solution is a job for our experts teamed up with our customer’s experts. We work together from start to finish to deliver on our own promises.

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Only one KPI matters

Our most valued key performance indicator is customer satisfaction. We see room for even a 0.01% improvement as another opportunity to get closer to 100%.

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Become who you are

We encourage each other to discover our true strengths and keep learning. Sometimes, we take a radically different direction than expected yet become happier along the way.

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Design and proof

Based on our understanding of customers’ challenges, we design a solution, experiment, and prototype. Rather than proof of concept, we refer to this as proof of value.

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We work how we want to work

We don’t hide our specialists or only call them in last minute. To us, it’s obvious that knowledgeable people need to be making decisions from the get-go.

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We work with advised consent

We share responsibility. That’s why our most important decisions require advised consent, with solutions first presented to colleagues and, if supported, reviewed by those impacted.

At Schuberg Philis we love to keep track of the latest and greatest tech that comes from Silicon Valley and our public cloud partners, so we can always pick the right tool for the job in the complex mission critical ecosystems. In our dream projects we can seamlessly integrate the newest tech into an existing landscape to create high quality environments that last.

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