The cloud has become essential for a successful IT strategy, yet we know that for cloud-bound organizations and those already with a lot of nativity, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

We serve diverse customers, using diverse public, private, hybrid, and multicloud ecosystems. Encouraging growth, scalability, and innovation, our cloud solutions enable organizations to accelerate their digital transformation.

For companies journeying to or already in the cloud, we have two priorities: accelerating value generation and unburdening customers of technical worries. How do we do that? We infuse freedom and flexibility into all the building blocks of our solutions. Each component carries our built-up knowledge and proven track record of benefiting many customers across many industries. We also continuously invest in learning and experimenting with public cloud providers’ evolving capabilities. Because we intimately know our customers’ mission-critical activities, we can anticipate which new features should be integrated in their ecosystems, when, and at what scale.

When it comes to cloud computing, migration and modernization are the tasks at hand. However, our goal is always to enable better business. This is why rather than taking a lift-and-shift approach, we first consult with our customers’ in-house experts. Together, we sift through value streams and decide what should remain legacy, move, and/or improve. Relatedly, in an era of ever-changing laws and regulations, we ensure cloud customers stay secure and compliant. Our secure-by-design public cloud landing zone has 60 key best-practice controls. Applying the principles of reusability and automation whenever we can, we offer services encompassing, functional and technical application management, infrastructure and user management, identity and access management, integration of third-party solutions, cost control, disaster recovery, and backup solutions.

We understand that transitioning organizations may want to maintain control of IT landscapes themselves rather than always depend on us. While we integrate cloud engineers in every BizDevOps team and each team delivers on their own promises, we firmly believe in empowering you through knowledge-sharing. This often takes the form of incorporating mistake-proofing and guardrails in our solutions. More crucially, it means we mentor your own experts on competencies that can help improve your self-sufficiency while exploiting all the cloud has to offer.

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